Additional Services

wedding celebration

Dorrington hotel is the perfect place for family get away. You can bring you whole family and reserve the hotel. Our dedicated staff will do everything to make sure are well assisted.

Catering Services

Celebrate important events with us and let us prepare the food for the whole guests. Our extensive catering menu has something for everyone from children’s favorite food to adult’s sophisticated dishes, our menu has them.  If you are celebrating birthdays to our hotel and wants to have a personalized cakes and sweets, we recommend you to inquire with lila and sage bakery. They a wide range of designs you can choose from. And if our extensive menu doesn’t have what you want, just tell us. We will be happy to make the adjustments for you. It is your important day so we’ll help you make the most out of it.

Personalized Decorations

Events won’t be complete without the perfect theme. Dorrington hotel has decoration packages to transform the look of the hotel for your liking. We have partnered with professional designers and suppliers to give you competitive prices. You can also choose decorations for your party, visit: and

Did you know that Dorrington gets numbers of visitors all-year-round? Don’t wonder why it has the most beautiful lakes and mountains where you can spend your time with nature. It’s just few hours drive from Murphy and Arnold. Our location is easy reach with all the transportations made available to you.