Discover San Francisco

Tan your skin in North Beach

This romantic beach in northeast of San Francisco will give you that Italian feel. Prepare you swim suits and your beach ready body. North Beach has beautiful views with great restaurants and cafe choices. Go for a walk and explore the little towns near the beach. You’ll find yourself with different cultures and people.

Great finds in the oldest Chinatown

There are many versions of China Town in different countries, but Chinatown in San Francisco is by far the biggest of them all. If you are into teas and herbs, you can find them all here. Walking through the Chinatown in San Francisco is very exhausting and you might need to spend another day to explore the whole town. It has all the shops with specialty items you can’t find anywhere. So if you are visiting San Francisco, make sure don’t miss the oldest Chinatown and indulge a little bit. Shops and food stands are in line for you everywhere waiting on you to stop by.

Bring out the artsy in you

San Francisco is the home of fascinating art museums. People go here to get cultured and be inspired through art. Don’t miss the New San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to get the latest updates on current artworks of great artists from different places. Also, you can find here the California Academy of Sciences that has planetarium, rain forest, and other attractions all in one place. We’re sure that after you visited all these museums you’ll become smarter and become someone with a lot to share in conversations.

Groove to the music and shine on the dance floor

Who says San Francisco is boring? We disagree to the bones. Nightlife in San Francisco is alive with the hottest clubs around. They feature hottest DJs and bands in live performances. It doesn’t matter if you are party person or not, San Francisco has something for everyone.

Discover Pier 39

Gaze at the sea lions and we’ll let you decide if they are cute or not. But for us, they are fun to watch. Sea lions are exactly like us, quite territorial and friendly at the same time. Pier 39 is not all about sea lions but also a shopping center, food hub, and sight seeing. For us, Pier 39 is a great place to spend your whole day with.

Tired to walk? Ride a cable car

San Francisco is a pretty big place to walk. Your feet will sore before you know it as you enjoy the sights here. The solution? Ride a cable car. It has been a major transportation here in San Francisco. It is not frightening at all instead it offers you a good look of the city while resting your sore feet.