Free Gold for War Robots Game

Getting free gold sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But with the right hack, anything is possible. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, playing War Robots is a fun activity. In fact, you could play it while waiting for your friends to arrive at your meeting place or while waiting for your food to cook during an outdoor picnic. Because let’s be real honest, there will always be a time to wait for something when you’re outdoors. But with War Robots plus a reliable hack, you won’t ever get bored.

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The Golden Currency

You might be wondering what in the world is this gold we’re talking about. Gold (Au) is one of the six currencies in the game aside from silver (Ag), influence points (IP), workshop points (WP), robot components, and event tokens.

Au is difficult to earn, but you’ll need them to unlock hangar slots. The currency can also be utilized to purchase robots and other items which usually are sought-after. A player can also use gold to get more WP and speed up upgrade time, allowing a player to use the upgraded item sooner.

Acquiring Gold

unli gold and silver war robots

Every player gets 50 pieces of Au each time he reaches another level. It could also be obtained by winning medals during battles. That means if your team won against another team, you and your teammates would receive four medals each. You can also acquire five gold thanks to the Medal of Capture if you managed to get the most beacons in a battle. The Medal of Value also awards 5 Au for the first placer, 3 for the one who placed second, and 1 for the third placer. If you platoon with a clan or with friends, you can get 3 Ag for the first three wins with your teammates. You can also earn gold every day since there are daily missions that reward either WP or gold once completed.

If you have the budget, you can also buy gold with real money. However, I suggest you stick with a trusted hack for if you need more gold. Using a hack will eliminate the need to use cash just to get additional Au. In case you’re still wondering how expensive they are, refer to the table below.

Pieces of Gold (Au) Price
500 $4.99
1,200 $9.99
2,500 $19.99
6,500 49.99
14,000 $99.99

war robots hackYou might think it’s not costly at all, but remember that it can be addictive to purchase video game currencies with real money. So rather than trying out whether or not you can control yourself, why don’t you stick with a hack and get more than what you need?