Wood Lathing: A Fun Outdoor Activity

A wood lathe is a tool used to form pieces of wood into any shape. It’s commonly used for making baseball bats, bowls, vases, spindles, and other decorative wooden items.


It shapes the piece of wood that’s attached to its spinning arm and is advantageous because it can reduce the amount of time needed to carve wooden vessels. They also produce cleaner and better carves than woodturning by hand.

Healthy handyman offers the best wood lathes on the market today, so be sure to check them out. I got mine from there, and I’m telling you, doing projects has never been easier. Now, if I’m looking for something productive to do on a Saturday, I could just use the wood lathe outside the house.

Speaking of projects, here are eleven of the things you could produce using a wood lathe.


Who doesn’t want sturdy bangles that won’t break easily? With a wood lathe, you can easily come up with durable wooden bangles for every member of the family.



As mentioned earlier, a wood lathe can also make a wooden vase. Gift your flowers with a home they’ll love forever. You can even customize the shapes of your vases so you’ll have vases unlike any other! A wood lathe isn’t just made for woodturning; it’s also made to fire up your creative mind!


If you want to come up with a chair that you haven’t seen in a store before, then get yourself a wood lathe. A unique wooden chair is an excellent wood lathe project that will keep you busy and entertained outdoors.


A wooden bowl made by you? Why not? Creating wooden bowls is a fun activity that you can experience with the help of your wood lathe machine. You can customize it depending on how big or small you want it to be. It won’t get broken easily, and you can even let your kids design it afterward.


If you can make a bowl, of course, you can also create a container using your wood lathe. Containers are essential inside the house as it can keep your things organized and your home neat. What you’ll love about wooden containers is that they are sturdy and can be designed however you want.

Candy Box

All kids need a candy box. I mean, even adults need one, right? With a wood lathe, you can make a candy box to keep all the sweet stuff safe.

Sewing Box

For the adult at heart, you’re going to have to make a sewing box instead of a candy box. You can keep all your sewing materials in there. Thanks to your wood lathe machine, any kind of box can be made with ease!

Baseball Bat


Oh, c’mon. You know you need one right? There’s no explanation needed here.


Need an all-around stool? Get your wood lathe and start making one! You can use it for sitting or to support your legs.  It’s an essential tool wherever you place it in the house. Whether it’s for your outdoor garden, indoor kitchen, or dressing room, this project will be useful.


Yes, a wood lathe can also come up with a unique and cute table. You can use this table for decoration purposes. Seriously, anything is possible with a wood lathe.

Cutting Board

This list won’t be complete without a cutting board. This kitchen project is advantageous for those who love to cook. After all, to say that you need to cut ingredients is an understatement. But you need a durable board for this task, don’t you? This is where the wood lathe machine comes in to save the day. With this device, you can make your own long-lasting cutting board that you yourself designed. It’s something that can make you proud of yourself.